Core Values

Our core values guide what we do, how we operate, and why we design. 
Design Everything
We are designers, first and foremost.  We prioritize creative problem solving in every aspect of our work to produce unique, beautiful, and engaging buildings - both inside and out.
Be Original
We encourage one another’s personalities, experiences, and quirks to inform how we work and design. It is these differences that help us to question normalcy and discover what is possible.
Connect, Listen, and Understand
We work to make positive connections with everyone we engage.  Taking time to listen and connect leads to more understanding - and ultimately to better relationships, experiences, and projects.
Positively Affect Our Communities
We commit to being a positive influence in the places we work.  We want to leave every site, town, and community better than we found it through design, connections made with people, and our contributions to those places.
Great Design is Essential
Everyone benefits from great design. It has the power to improve lives in meaningful ways. 
Display Priorities Through Action
We understand that our actions speak to our priorities.  Finding balance between work and life can be difficult.  We prioritize creating time for our families, interests, mental health, and physical wellbeing. We support our team to make room for the important things in life.